Children Ministry

For Children Sunday School classes, see Sunday School info under Ministries tab.

Bibles to 3rd graders: We plan to present Bibles to this year’s 3rd graders as a part of our Back to School Celebration on Sunday, August 13th!  If you are going into 3rd grade this school year, please let the church office know.

Wednesday Nite Live : 6pm meal, 3rd-5th graders have a class to help them grow in their faith (6:30pm-7pm).   (6th-12th graders also games and a class. 6:30pm-7:30pm)
     Last WNL is May 10th, and will resume in August.


Training (including background check) is for all those who volunteer or work with children or youth (Sunday School teachers & assistants, Youth Ministry leaders & assistants, helping with MYF or Youth Mid-Winter Retreat, Vacation Bible School, Little Church School teachers, Youth Summer Camp, or other children or youth events).  Training lasts for 2 years.  The whole process can now be completed online.  If you have questions, contact Pastor Jacob.

Please follow the 3 steps outlined at and notify the church office.

Thank you for loving children, youth, and God!